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Pride In Barry

Established in 1994

You Can be an Ambassador for Barry

This page gives details of the how easy it is to be an Ambassador, and some interesting facts and figures. Ambassadors can also tell everyone what they have done and how they did it.

Become an Ambassador for Barry - Be positive about Barry.
  • There is plenty of new good news, and plenty of old good news.
  • Barry is a great place to live, work, and visit.
  • Tell your neighbours, friends, relatives, work colleagues, business contacts....in fact anyone and everyone!!


Did you know...

  • Barry is now the largest Town in Wales;
  • Barry had record population growth, from 85 people in 1881 to 40,000 by 1920s;
  • Barry held the World record for coal export in 1913 of 11.69 million tons;
  • Barry has one of the largest urban regeneration schemes in Europe happening today at the Waterfront.


Did you know the 12 years of regeneration has so far produced the following...

  • 320 acres of land reclaimed;
  • 276 acres of land environmentally improved;
  • 8.6 million sq ft of buildings constructed or improved;
  • 10,000 linear yards of roads built;
  • Private investment GBP100m & GBP47m Public investment
  • 1302 construction jobs 538 permanent jobs.

Which means...

  • Barry has an open accessible Waterfront, which links its Town and Seafront;
  • Barry has plenty of available brownfield development land;
  • Barry is in a great position to capitalise on expansion of the Welsh economy and nearby Cardiff, which has almost built upto its perimeter;
  • Barry has....... opportunities!!!!!

Go spread the message.

Find a powerpoint presentation here which anyone can use and adapt to make their own presentation version. This presentation has been used to educate & inform Members of Pride In Barry, and Barry Rotary, and was used at the Launch of the Ambassadors scheme. It provides a nice, gentle way of talking to audiences about Pride In Barry, Barry Regeneration, and the Ambassador Scheme. It contains pictures that are all available from the barrywales website, and generate discussion and give a familiarity to surroundings and heritage.

From Paul Haley: I have found it very easy to talk to groups, sometimes using the powerpoint, because I have no script and just talk about the bullet-points and photos from personal memory. There is nothing better than your own natural enthusiasm in talking about Barry, as we each have different memories, perspectives, and style and approach. I also lecture at Conferences when it is not approriate to show the slides - I get around this by having an introduction slide which has a brief background on me and also that I am connected with Pride In Barry. This allows me to give a brief explanation about the largest Town in Wales, famous for tourism at Barry Island and built on the coal boom, and is now undergoing large regeneration, with large reclaimed development land opportunities. I take the view that I only need to have one person in that audience who might have an organisation that is looking to relocate out of London, for example, and I might just create a spark. Anyone can light a similar spark, through talking to a bloke in a pub, a supplier, a customer, a manager at work - you just don't know when you might be in that right place at the right time.
































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